Statement Of Software Engineering

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Engineering was what I feel like doing since my childhood. Since being a child I was very conscious about how things works and what was really in the machines which make them so interesting?

I was always more interested in science subjects than any other subject. So following what I believe I selected science subjects in O levels and then completed my A levels in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I strived hard in the field and got admission in the Software Engineering at University of Bedfordshire. Where I am almost done with my first year. Since engineering was what I believed to do since the really first day of my schools I was really excited about my course and prospective.

As the course proceeds and the time past I wasn’t feeling comfortable in the course. This was not what I always dreamt for. There were no machine to discover or nothing like practical work in my course and I realized that the fish is in wrong waters. Although life was showing hard realities upon me but I continue the hard work and try to keep my grades up to the mark. This was hard but I manage to retain good grades.

This course affects other things in my life as well. I was not able to keep up with my friends and social life. I felt myself less confident and less determined. These things make me take a step further and I decided to get back to life in something I really wanted to do. I went to the student support and ask them about the procedure to get out of this and knew that I can get transfer or migrate to a different course and even a different university. This boosts the charm of determination in me again and I felt more devoted toward up coming future. I wanted to get back to Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering and from better institute so that I should broaden my social horizons. A better University will ensure a better future for me and help me strive for CENG that is always my dream to achieve. He agreed and said me to live my dream.

Apart from doing Engineering I always wanted to be a part of World Class institute to do my course. The Engineering must be renowned not only in the UK but all around the World as well. Striving hard to get a BENG Mechanical or Electrical from a University with a fine