Personal Reflection Of Personal Ethics And Moral Perspectives

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My personal ethics and moral perspectives can mesh sometimes and does cause a conflict with my decision making. This course has provided me tools on how to address these issues, think outside of the box, and understand that not everyone views or feels the same way I do with personal and moral beliefs. That there are two sides to every coin and I need to be more open and understanding to it. Even if I don’t agree, some things are just out of our control. A primary example was the case where the business did not work with females and having to inform her that I had to get another team lead. This was very challenging for me because my initial reaction was well your dealing with a US company you have to be open to our culture and practices to. As you are aware this was and is not the correct approach. I had to sit back and not react out of emotion, reevaluate the situation and then I could offer a better solution. This was a case study that will stick with me for a while.
Sometimes I have to give directives or deliver disciplinary actions that I do not personally agree with but due to company policy must deliver. I have learned that I cannot control all issues that the company is doing thing that they feel is the best for their employees. However, I am able to sit down with HR or Sr. Leadership and ask them why they chose to go the route that they did and offer my opinion. I feel that with the additional skills I have learned I can provide a good solid case and not let my personal feelings or beliefs factor into that. I have learned that I need to set that aside and continue to look at the bigger picture. As an example; I did not agree with a disciplinary action that my Sr. Leadership wanted me to deliver to my employee. Using the tools that this class provided me, I put my feelings aside, reviewed the ethics policy and sat down with Sr. Leadership. I was able to show proof that her sales quota is where it needed to be but was also able to address