Explain Why We Study Historical Theories And Perspectives On Child Development

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Perspectives/ Remembering Teachers Assignment
Jennifer Larsen
Early Childhood Development/ECI 305 Abstract This paper will give insight into why we study historical theories and perspectives on child development. The historical theories, what they mean and where they came from will also are reviewed. Then on a personal note this paper will cover the impact teaching can have on ones life. I will cover both positive and negative teaching experiences I personally experienced.

The importance of the study of historical theories and perspectives.
It is important to study historical perspectives and theories on child development. Studying the history of child development can show us how far we have come and the mistakes we have made. The past theory of original sin which took place in the Middle Ages believed that al children where born evil. This view is quite obviously religious in nature and we know now that there is much more that can be learned by science. Next would be the Tabula Rasa view that children are born a blank tablet as brought to us by John Locke. We do know that children are not born completely blank, but do have much to learn. Then came the Innate goodness view brought by Jean-Jacques Rousseau which you can tell by its name tells you that it is the belief that children are innately good. This view has also started much new study to prove or dispel its truth. Studying these views opened the field of child development to study and gave us so much more information then was previously available. As will all histories studying them teaches us not to repeat mistakes that have already been made. Learning from the past points to a new future.

Teachers I remember both positive and negative.
Teachers make such and impact on all of us. I can name most of the teachers I ever had the pleasure of sitting in a class with. I have been very lucky to have had some wonderful teachers over the years. The one teacher I would have to pick as having the most positive impact would have to be Mr. Benson. Mr. Benson was my fourth grade teacher. This is very timely as Mr. Benson recently passed away and I had the privilege of attending his wake and conveying to his family the impact he had on my life. Mr. Benson was a wonderful teacher who gave each student a chance to shine at whatever they did best. He fed his students confidence by consistently reassuring them that they were smart enough to meet his high expectations. He was strict and ridged by today’s standards, but he had wonderful sense of humor. He really took the time to help me come out of my shell, as I