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Perspective on Health Care Paper
Health Care Experience
Chevonna Johnson
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HCS/212 Health Care Vocabulary


The purpose of this paper is to address my personal health care experiences on how historical reform has made an impact on the delivery of our healthcare system today. The overall changes in our healthcare system have provided state, local and federal guidelines to provide perimeters for providers to operate and expand within their healthcare directives. My overall view on healthcare reform has made a huge impact in my role as a healthcare provider. Even though I have held managerial positions; my greatest influence is to pursue my master’s degree to become a license therapist thus fulfill my lifelong dream to promote life changing experiences.

Historical Information The history of Healthcare is very important to all professions who work in the public and private sectors of healthcare. In my reading of Chapter 1 Introduction To The healthcare Profession I found the information about The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was directly related to my role as a healthcare provider. It has allowed us to expand and change laws that will directly affect how healthcare will be delivered to protect the public and private sectors providing services. The changes that have been put in place have allowed us to monitor, control and service clients while maintaining their privacy. These changes have also provided laws to protect certain illnesses (patients’ bill of rights) and how treatment will be reimbursed. In addition a new criterion has been set on how to train providers to take precaution and treat their patients (OSHA).

Health Care and Me Working in the home healthcare field has been challenging and very demanding especially, when you are working with many different homecare agencies. As a healthcare manager I must be very careful of how I schedule the nurses, aides and doctors. My job as a Healthcare Manager of Patient’s Accounts required me to ensure that the professional skills match the medical need of the clients. This required our agency to double check their state licensing and education background. This is very important for insurance purposes for the agency as well as for the contracting agency and clients we are servicing. My goal is to pursue my master’s degree and become a license therapist to go into private practice for the children and elderly. Healthcare reform has made changes on a large scale to meet demands for a growing diverse healthcare world. In the healthcare field it is important that we become more diverse in serving communities of different ethnicities. The challenges we are facing as the landscape is changing is how to conform and meet the demands of healthcare disparities. In my role as a healthcare provider it is imperative that healthcare communities expand and allow for changes to be effective for everyone that we serve and continue to educate ourselves as well as the professionals in the healthcare field. The cost related to healthcare changes have been very challenging for the elderly community. In particularly those who use to depend on two incomes and are now faced with surviving on one income. Some of my clients are very savvy and because they have been through the great depression they are well adapted and more prepared for our ever changing economic landscape. The healthcare reform overall from what I understand of it has really helped the elderly economically. Insurance providers offering more incentives, for example: some receive free or low-cost prescriptions and many of our clients are taking advantage of the incentives.
Health Care Outcomes and Demographics I am not surprised of the reactions the healthcare reform bill has received. I really expected the bill would fail, but when Ted Kennedy passed I knew it was time for a