Perspectives: Good and Evil and Elizabeth Essay

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Perspectives Being a good or bad reader has incomparable qualities. Like written on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the book describes characters that have qualities of a good and bad reader. A good reader is about being a good observer; someone who can analyzes situations before assuming something with direct evidence. In the other hand, a bad reader is someone who constantly makes bad guesses and makes bad judgment. Also a bad reader is someone who is oblivious; someone who constantly doesn’t know what’s going around their surrounding and someone who is constantly judging with wrong information. There two different types of readers, describing a bad or good reader is about explaining the qualities that make a good reader and the qualities that make a bad one as written on the following. A quality of a good reader is being a good observer. For example, in Pride and Prejudice describes how Elizabeth observes Charlotte decision to marry Mr. Collins. Charlotte being Elizabeth best friend she is surprise because Elizabeth always imagined Charlotte sharp with the same values. Elizabeth has notice how much self importance Mr. Collins is, when he doesn’t have nothing to drag about. Elizabeth has always been aware of her friend values. But “Elizabeth had relocated herself, and making a strong effort for it, was able to assure her with tolerable firmness that the prospect of their relationship was highly grateful to her, and that she wished her all imaginable happiness (122;Ch.22). Even though Elizabeth wishes Charlotte happiness she still having a hard time believing that her friend can be happy. Through the years of being best friends Elizabeth always observe Charlotte as brilliant that’s why she has a hard time believing the acceptance of Mr. Collins proposal. Another quality of being a good reader is being a good listener because Elizabeth always listen to Charlotte. Charlotte always expresses as always having the same beliefs as Elizabeth on being married for love not for social rank or wealth stability. Also the quality of observing is being able to interpret what people verbally mention.” You must be surprised, very surprised. Mr. Collins character, connections, and situation in life, I’m convinced that my chance of happiness with him is fair, as most people can boast on entering the marriage state” Elizabeth quietly answers “undoubtedly” (123; Ch. 22). Elizabeth observe with close attention to what Charlotte mention; Charlotte sounds confident of her decision but Elizabeth is very doubtful because she recalls how Charlotte once mention that she will like to be marry for love. Elizabeth acknowledge how Charlotte be happy with a man she don’t love and that she’s only with him for the boast of being married and Elizabeth observations is are correct because Charlotte does not love Mr. Collins. Also another quality of being a good reader is reading indirect evidence. As Ms. Gardner mentions the indirect belief that Mr. Wickham primarily concerned is making money at the expense of ethics. “Because he is trying to get a girl with only ten thousand pounds, you want to find out if he is mercenary” (151; Ch. 27). With the smallest attention Ms. Gardiner expresses about Mr. Wickham as mercenary. Ms. Gardiner find indirect evidence which the main fact that why his attentions to Ms. King was so soon after purposing to Elizabeth. Providing only basic information Ms. Gardner mentions “Her not objecting, does not justify him. It only shews her being deficient in something herself - sense or feeling” (151; Ch. 27). The facts that exist can be concluding from evidence and reasoning rather than from detail statements. The indirect evidence that Ms. King pretends not to know that Mr.Wickham intentions is only her money is indirect because she doesn’t directly express what she believes of Mr. Wickham. Good indirect reader gather all information that makes common sense put all information together and get a conclusion from all