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Persuasive Speech: Benefits of a Two Year College than a 4 Year Degree
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to go to a 2 years college first.
Central Idea: A couple reason why starting from a 2 years college is better. For example; it’s cheaper than university, you save money, it’s better to make a major decision, it will prepare you for the university you desire, and finally you will be more flexible in college.

Attending a two years community college has far reaching benefits that going for a four year course after high school.
The benefits of joining a two year community college are overwhelming and they range from saving money, living at home while you study and completing your basic courses.
It is so unfortunate that possible transfer challenges have been cited as the main challenge for students who opt for a four year course once they complete an associate degree.
After completing the associate degree, students may be required to prove that their qualifications are compatible with the requirements for the universities they would want to join. Housing has been cited as another problem for students who opt for a two year course before joining a four year course (The 2013).
Despite the limitations that the critics cite against the two year course at a community college, prominent personalities, including Barrack Obama, have been convinced that attending a two year community college has been beneficial to many Americans.
So long as one is convinced that the community college they attend is recognized by Trinity University, I would encourage them to pass through a community colleges. On top of monetary savings, there are arrays of benefits that accrue from attending a two year community college. Your plans should already be in motion since the two year college will be a stepping stone into some of the Americans top-tier universities where u can get a degree at a significantly lower price.
Its is cheaper
It has become evident in the modern American society that the cost of university education is skyrocketing.
The universities have resorted to charging thousands of dollars each year, a phenomenon that leaves students with huge loan debts upon graduating (Eneriz 2013).
Most high school graduates have discovered that by enrolling to two years community colleges, they can save a lot of money.
Community colleges charge relatively lesser fee as compared to their university counterparts and going through a community college enables students achieve similar levels of qualifications at a fraction of the total cost.
On top of that community colleges allow students to commute, an aspect that enables the college students to save thousands of dollars that could otherwise have been spend on accommodation.
The average amount of tuition is around $20,000 in the US without dormitory and other expenses. On the other hand, Colleges are just around $3,000 for a semester (Kulla 2009).
That means $7,000 will be enough for your college tuition and the expenses you would pay for college like book, notebook, pen, etc. 2. An opportunity to complete basic units
A) While one is attending a community college, he gets an opportunity to complete some basic units that are required for a university degree.
B) In some states such as Texas, the core courses covered at the community level college are transferable to any public institution within the state.
C) Another interesting thing about community colleges is that the faculties put more emphasis on teaching while providing more personalized attention to individual students.
D) They utilize the time that universities use for research and publishing to learn more about their areas of specialization (Kulla 2009).
E) In addition, faculty members who teach students in community colleges have practical experience of the subjects they lecture, thus equipping their students with real-life know how about what they are taught.