Essay on Persuasion: Renting and Christina Ann Patton

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Date: January 21, 2014
To: Jamie Grainger
From: Christina Ann Patton CAP
Subject: Initial Scenario Topics Discussion: Instigating Problem

This memorandum is a proposal to provide information about the instigating problem in the threaded discussion area related to Sales and Marketing. This is a real problem situation.
1. The name of your company: Patton Properties, LLC.
2. A brief description of what your company does: Buy, sell, lease rental properties
3. A brief description of your job: Research and plan rental property purchases. Coordinate with tax accountants and attorneys. Work with tenants and contractors in issue resolution. Work with realtors in property acquisition. Handle accounts receivables and accounts payables.
4. An existing problem /situation (tell us whether it is real or hypothetical). Real problem in Sales and Marketing. Working to determine when to sell existing properties and purchase additional new properties.
5. Discuss symptoms alerting you that a problem exists: Changing market conditions in the rental market. Property values either increasing or decreasing. When a rental unit is in a development that is deteriorating or has low occupancy rates we consider selling the unit and taking a write off. When we see available units in short sell of foreclosure situations we consider liquidating some assets to acquire additional assets in the market area that has growth in equity potential.
6. Why the company