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Imagine your mom was dieing from a heart failure or your sister had sickle cell diease and needed a blood transfusion and in order to do so docters had to locate the correct blood type. Would you be upset if the docters returned staing, “ Im sorrty but we ran outside of alternative blood” and the couldn’t use directly you. That leaves that love one to die because of the l;ack of someone had to severity of donating blood. Many people don’t understand the nessecity of giving blood to help a million statement. Donating blood allows another family to live with just one pint full of your own blood. Here working at American Red Cross the availblity of blood is becoming sacres. Someone may ask “why is it important to me personally to give blood?”, well the answer to that is literally every 2 seconds someone in the united states need blood, there are four tupes of transfussible products that can be deprives from 1 pint of whole blood and, lastly donating blood can result in free food and possibly monetary compensation. ( )

Now the whole “every 2seconds 1 person needs blood”, but if you think about how many seconds are in a day then divide that by 2, that can tells you that 43,200 peopl are at rist of dieing everyday because of the lack of available blood. Donated blood is used for the reproducing or utilization of red cells, plasma and platlets. Majority of the red cells are used for cancer patients this includes adults and children as well as people suffering from traumatic accidents, burns or those whom undergo surgery like your grandparents with heart failure or the mother this the cancerous tumor. Now Plasma contains very important proteins, nutrients and clotting factors which help and stops bleeding. Plasma make sup 18 life daving products that help with trauma, burns and blood dieases. Then theres the platelets come in to help those with low or non fuctional platlets, those who randomly bleed. This may occur during high dosage of chemo, bone marrow transplants,major surgeries and/or liver dieases. ( so then you gotta think every 2 seconds someones grandparents, friend or neighbor is urning for just a pint of your blood to insure they have a life tommorroe.

Now back to the 4 typkes of transferable products that can be derived from a pintog whole blood are