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Ola Platek
Effective Writing
3 December 2014
Schools and A Late Start
How many car crashes or other accidents does it take for school administrators to realize students need more time to sleep and have a later start to school? The early start results in anxiety, depression and mental health problems that cause students to fail in school. Schools should start later because of sleep deprivation, the body's clock, and loss of concentration during a class, which causes students to suffer with their education.
To begin with, schools should start later because of sleep deprivation, which causes students to suffer with their education. As Stephen said, “Too little sleep has become so common among teens that the CDC calls it an epidemic, or a widespread public health problem”, some people think it can become a severe problem (Ornes 1). As students get older, their brain develops more energy space. With sleep deprivation there have been studies to why there are sleeping problems, and that results from early start times in school. Some problems also depend on how late a student stays up. Sleep loss is commonly found with high schoolers but also minimally in middle schoolers. Showing greater results in high schoolers it is also said that sleep deprived teens have bigger risks of depression, gaining weight and even car accidents. Many parents believe their child is getting enough sleep which does show that parents need to realize they need to change something about the problem too. Everything does not just depend on the student. Platek 2

Continually, schools should start later because of their body's clock and how much it affects the body. The “How Much Sleep Do I Need?” article stated “the body’s circadian rhythm is temporarily reset, telling a person to fall asleep later and wake up later”, the circadian rhythm is like a body clock knowing when someone should go to sleep and knowing when to wake up
(“Kids Health” 1). When a student loses at least two hours of sleep they might not think it matters but every hour lost changes the body’s clock and changes how the body develops. Sleep deprivation connects with the circadian as how it controls all bodily functions. Not getting enough sleep results in not paying attention in class, not being energized for extra curricular activities, and not being strong enough for things that require strength. When someone feels sleepy they usually feel like the body is shutting down and that it needs a rest.
Initially, schools should start later because of loss in concentration during a class, which causes students to suffer with their education. As Alice stated, “students said they could focus better and concentrate better and that it took them less time to get their homework finished so they could go to bed earlier” because of the late starts (Park 2). A lot of high schools usually have the early start times which cause loss in concentration. Some studies were found that the brain starts…