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Olivia von Schwedler
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English 1301
Persuasive Essay

“Why the Six Drop Rule is a Good Idea”
In the state of Texas, you are not allowed to drop more than six classes throughout your entire Texas college career. This law was passed in two-thousand and seven and is called “The Six Drop Rule”. A dropped class is any course dropped after the published Census Date. If you drop six classes and want to drop seven, any Texas college can deny your request unless you qualify for exception. Although the 6 drop rule may not be appealing to many students, it is the best way to challenge and motivate a student into giving his or her best.
Many students felt that they can drop out of a class at the first sign that the class will be too hard or challenging. Many students also thought that they could drop a class for an easier teacher or an easier subject. In addition, there are those individuals who failed to challenge themselves and their intelligence knowing they could just drop a class at any time. Not only is this a waste of many different professor’s time, but it is also a waste of the students time and money, or possibly their parent’s money. These unmotivated and undedicated students took the time to fill up classes, stop others from entering, and ended up just dropping the class.
As an example, Jill was a student at El Paso Community College. She had registered to take Psychology 1301, because it was a required course. She was in her first week of her first semester when the instructor was giving a test that Friday. Instead of put her mind to it and trying to see if she could do it, Jill just dropped the class. What is more, Jill not only dropped the class without trying, she took up the spot that another student needed to graduate. Because of Jill’s fear of challenging herself, she not only wasted her and the instructor’s time, she also kept another student from graduating just to give up.
Furthermore, there was no dedication or strive to succeed in a challenge on the student’s part. Students felt, for example, if there was a conflict of interest: such as a party to go to or a test, they would rather pick the party knowing that they could just drop the class if a zero would bring their grade average down too far. When school and unnecessary things such as partying, television, friends, drinking, laziness, etc…, come in conflict with each other, the student would choose to drop the class rather than try and pass it. This way of thinking teaches the student that they can choose luxuries over important things and no consequence will come…