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English H
Period 3
Mr. Ama
Dreaming and Driving After reading the editorial article, “Dreaming and Driving” by the New York Times, which explains how undocumented immigrants should be allowed to receive driver licenses for work purposes only, it makes me wonder whether or not I agree or accept this. In my personal opinion, I believe that undocumented immigrants should be able to earn driver licenses under certain rules and regulations. There has been a feud where people feel that undocumented immigrants who have been born illegally into the U.S shouldn’t be able to live there, nonetheless, be able to drive legally. Although, I do understand why some people wouldn’t want illegal immigrants to drive legally because it can cause problems, such as bringing other illegal immigrants to the U.S, but I disagree with this. As one of the number one reasons why illegal immigrants come to the U.S is so they could live a better live for themselves and for their family. If the government is already allowing illegal immigrants to work in the U.S legally, then they should be able to drive legally so that they can get to and from work. Also, even though people may have a problem with undocumented immigrants because they may abuse their privilege of driving, that is not the case. There can be a scare with illegal immigrants driving, but I think as long as there are rules and regulations regarding their driving privilege, there will be a less chance that it will happen. Immigrants should be able to drive only when going to and from work and have weekly regulation checks so that the government is informed on how they are using their driving privileges. If