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Peyton Duersel
English III
Mr. Wyss
21 September 2014
Audience: Administration
Such a Strict School at Sporting Events
Jesuit has many sports clubs and teams. Each one of these teams plays competitively against other schools. Most of these, such as football and basketball, have games every week; and Jesuit encourages its students to supports their fellow blue jays at those events. But why would a student want to attend one of these games if he has a chance of being disciplined for doing something wrong? Every one of Jesuits students already has to cope with at least 8 hours of intense supervision and strict discipline each day at school. Obviously, less discipline at sporting events would bring an increased crowd of students. Therefore, Jesuit disciplinary actions against students should be less strict at games, the band should be able to play a wider variety of songs, and the students should be given the opportunity to show their school pride. First, Jesuit disciplinary actions against students should be much less strict at games. The fact that those who attends extra-curricular activities have to be overly worried about being disciplined is unnerving. Students should feel free and fully focused on supporting the team throughout the game. No fan at the LSU game, or even the Rummel game, is remotely worried about breaking any rules; and that is a huge factor to the on-field success. Our job in the stands is to support the players with everything we have, but Jesuit takes this away from us. Some restrictions, such as those concerning body paint and student section chants, are unnecessary. Having a few students paint “Jesuit” on their chests does not defame the tradition of Jesuit High School. Also, student section chants with actually meaning would bring fun to the games. No one wants to say “Blue Jay” continually for half the game. Although there should be a reduction of discipline, still having a control on behavior is very important. Students should not be given complete freedom, for complete chaos would erupt. But body paint and new student section chants would certainly help the students support their fellow classmates. There is no reason why these things are not already allowed, other than Jesuit’s anal retentiveness. Ridiculous strictness at sporting events only hurts Jesuit’s fans and team. Therefore, disciplinary actions against students should be much less strict at sports games. Second, the band should be able to play a wider variety of songs. Our band plays music from old bands like Journey, but that lame music does nothing for anyone on the field. Unless the chess team is playing, no one is hyped for the competition. These songs are classics, but I want to hear some modern rap and hip-hop songs. The band members and the band itself would be a lot cooler if they were able to play modernized music. Last year, St. Augustine’s band was playing an explicit song by Jay-Z, while Jesuit’s band was playing grandma music all night. I do understand that Jesuit will never have the same rules as St. Aug, but we don’t always have to look like a school full of nerds. However, Jesuit should never play and advocate explicit music. Just a few songs from this century would be nice to hear at the football and basketball games. Except for songs containing explicit or foul language, the Jesuit band should be able to play any and all modern music. Finally, Jesuit students should be allowed to completely show their school pride.