Persuasive Essay About Football

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Footballs is a game like no other, it’s an extremely challenging sport. Your whole objective is to move a ball down a massive field and keep the other team from doing the same. You have to have no regard for your or anyone else’s personal safety, you just have to go for the win. It is a game of injuries; you just have to hope there not bad enough to keep you down. I can’t explain enough the amount of times you will find your self laying on the ground dazed with the stiff grass pushing on your arms and legs and all of your padding pushing back against you wondering how you got there. I have seen many quarterbacks sprawled out in the grass, because they had to stay in the pocket trying their best to throw the hard leathery ball down field to keep the play
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Some people do play it for the fun of the game and some play it for the money that you can get if your really good, but it takes a while to get there. You first have to get through collage football where you are playing a bunch of more skilled people than you have played before. It’s like high school football on steroids. You have a bigger fan base and a longer way to fall down if you don’t play amazing every game. If they can make it through that then they have a new challenge trying to get drafted by a big NFL team. If you can get drafted and make it through preseason while still being able to compete with the pros, then you have a decent chance at staying in the league for a while. The NFL is very hard to get in to; it’s kind of like winning the lottery. There are tons and tons of people every year trying their hardest to get in and even with the talent that they have, still don’t get in. I guess the millions of dollars that they would make for just playing a game that they had more than likely played ever since they can remember is a goal that most people have. If you ever plan on going out for football you better get use to laying on the ground, because your going to be down