Persuasive Essay About High School Sports

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High School Sports It is true that high school sports are extremely competitive and time consuming. Participating in high school sports takes up most of students time. They have to be able to juggle sports and maintain their education. Being apart of a high school sports team can be stressful but also be extremely beneficial. High school sports can provide teenagers with life long skills. The whole idea that competitive sports be taken out of high schools would not be beneficial in any way. There are several things that playing competitive sports in high school can do for teenagers: like providing college scholarships, giving teen athletes the ability to be more self-confident, giving them useful leadership skills, and even giving teens the motivation to work harder in school. Kevin Kniffin, author of “High School Athletes Gain Lifetime Benefits”, acknowledges that people who played competitive …show more content…
Some people agree that mixing academics with competitive sports gives kids the message that they don’t need math or science to be able to succeed in life (Ripley 72). Kids can turn to sports as another path towards a good life, maybe even an easier path (Ripley 72). Ripley, author of “School Should be about learning, Not Sports”, believes that sports can present itself as a priority above school (Ripley 72). This reason being that sometimes student athletes need to be excused from class earlier when they have an away game, however; that does not mean that these student athletes don’t work as hard as regular students. It just means that student athletes just have to work harder because they need to get their assignments completed before all of the other students. This is just so that student athlete is able play in that away game. As you might tell, there are people who might make assumptions that student athletes don’t care about academics. This is only because they can’t see the whole