Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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The United States of America is known as the land of opportunity. People flock here from all walks of life in hopes of having a better life for themselves and their families. Because of the huge bulk of people coming, immigration has become an increasing issue in the US. With crime rate at an all time high, it is very unsafe to invite foreigners into the country. Ulitmately, I believe that all the different types of immigration laws need to be combined into one.
There are many different types of ways to be a legal immigrant in the US. There are those who are welcome here due to them being family members of those who are already citizens. As long as they are a spouse, child, or parent of that person, they are eligible for citizenship. There
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First, if one desires to live in the US, he must speak fluent English. English is our country’s language and, therefore, should be spoken by EVERY citizen. Next, he must pass an exam on US history. An exam like this already exists, but they aren’t required to take it until they have lived in the US for a couple of years. I think they should be required to take this prior to coming into the country. Also, if the immigrant has a criminal record, he should be denied citizenship under all circumstances. Lastly, they should have a valid, non-suspicious reason for seeking life in the US that must be investigated and validated by some type of immigration inspector. In addition to this, if the immigrant commits a felony after his citizenship is granted, he must leave the country immediately after serving his time for his crime. If the immigrant commits a misdemeanor, he will be at the discretion of his inspector. As far as security at the borders, there cannot be someone watching every part of the border at all times to make sure no illegal immigrants cross the border. A giant wall, like the one Trump proposed, may actually be a good solution. Having that physical barrier would deter many immigrants due to the risks of attempting to climb it. Also, it eliminates the need to have a lot of people securing the