Persuasive Essay About Kickball

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The fence, the fence is 15 feet high and uncrossable without permission. Now don't get it confused with the wall. The wall is also 15 feet high and nobody wants to be on the wall. If you get on the wall that means you're a bad kid. The worst of the bad go there. Nobody, I mean nobody, likes the wall. Even the bad kids don't like it. Everybody challenges the fence by attempting to kick a kickball over it. We also challenge the opposing team.
The first day of fourth grade rolls around and everybody's nerves get the best of them, until we get to sixth period, which is recess. That's where the fence comes in, during recess. Everybody says that a kid last year passed the fence and never returned. The teachers say even if he did come back, he would have been on the wall. Oh, the wall, as I said earlier, nobody likes the wall. Anyway, when we get outside, everybody rushes to the basketball foul line. That's where we pick teams for kickball.
So, we pick teams and my team is up to kick, but I'm last in the order, so I never get the chance to kick. One kid on the opposite team gets up to kick and he kicks it so
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We get outside and pick teams. My team was first to kick and I was fourth in the lineup. All three kids make it on base and not one ran home. At least one should have made it home. I get up to kick and the pitcher pitches the ball, but I miss it. Everybody started laughing. I said to myself: “I'll show them”. I got up to kick again and I did it. The ball went over the fence! I was the first one to do it. I was proud of myself for 5 minutes until I had to go get the ball. I went up to a teacher to tell them what had happened. She said to go get it. I was so scared when I went passed that fence to get it. After I got the ball, everybody started to cheer. I was so excited yet so nervous. I hate being the center of