Persuasive Essay About Lowering The Drinking Age

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Prof. DeMar
Mauricio A. Ostos
Argue paper

What is the perfect age for drinking?

With a great power comes a great responsibility. We all like to have fun; there is nothing bad on having fun. There are many different ways to have fun; some play video games, some play a sport, and other like to go to parties. The ones who like to party can be divided into two groups, the ones how drink and the ones who don’t. Many people like to drink to fun and that ok, but this lead to a simple question which is what should it the legal age for drink. Right not the legal age in the United States is 21, however, there are many people who believe that it should be lowered to 18. I believe that this is a bad idea for the following reasons.
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An average of 17,000 persons die each year in drunk driving related deaths.
As the majority of the people knows most of teenagers are easy to influence by their friends. Most of the teenagers will do almost anything to impress a girl or their friends and there are have been plenty of cases recorded where the teenagers decided to go on a joy ride with their friends while they are drunk just to impress them. Many of this joy rides end on accidents where people had die just for those moments of insanity and fun. If this happening now that is hard for teenagers to get alcohol because they are under legal drinking age, god knows what will happen once they can get alcohol on every corner.

Some argue that if are old enough to go and fight in wars you should be old enough to drink. Sure one might think that getting drunk seems less harmful than picking up a gun and shoot someone in the face. But we need to keep in mind that people in the army are people who had been trained mentally and physically so they will be always on the right mind. They won’t just go a shot everything that it moves, they only shot under extreme circumstances and they are under supervision in most of the cases. This something that definitely won’t happen if they are drinking, most of the time a teenager will just go wild while they are drinking and they will have a reckless