Persuasive Essay About School Lunches

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We have all had those times when you sit down from getting your lunch and screamed Yuck! because of what was on the plate. Although the food may not look so delicious, it is very healthy for you. Infact even more healthy than fast food! Fast food on the other hand provides food with loads of fat and food that can increase chances of many diseases. School food keeps kids healthy because it provides healthy options, school lunches provide food from your basic food pyramid like fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and grains.

School food provides healthy options that will not only improve their diet at school but also at home. Because of, what schools supply for students to eat, they eat them and improve their diet. For example, in it stated, “When healthful food options are provided students
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Well, school lunches provide healthy options like fruits and vegetables as you may know and a lot of the fruits and vegetables consumed by students comes from approximately 25 minutes a day of school lunch! According to the website, it states, “School lunches provide up to 30 percent of the fruits and vegetables consumed by students.” This shows that school lunches provide healthy options like fruits and vegetables to students that they obviously eat while improving their diet. Now you see how much really goes on children's plate that people really don’t know about.

On the other hand, some people say that fast food is more healthy than fast food. This point of view makes sense because fast food can provide healthy options on their menu other than burgers and fries. However, most things on the menu (even the “healthy” options) are loaded with fat, sugar, carbs, ect., that can increase your chances of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a host of other chronic problems, especially when eaten more than twice a week. Therefore, school lunches are healthier than fast