Persuasive Essay About School-Year-Round School

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The United States has the shortest school year, however like other successful countries, some states such as Wyoming, Mississippi, Maine, and a few others have a year-round schooling system, and experience students who have higher test scores and retention rates. It won’t take much to help the U.S. and we can become a high ranking nation in the educational system if we copy these other states and countries in adopting an all year-round schooling system. There are many basic and positive benefits to this plan, and some are easily reachable. School should be all year because without summer students could have more breaks throughout the year, teachers would prefer it, and students would learn better.
Summer vacation for schooling originated in the early 1800’s when farming was a major industry in the US and other countries. During the summer months parents and children would all be required to work and get the farming
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It has been proven that teachers prefer all year schooling, because then it is more like a normal job. With this being the case, teachers can have a more even salary, and not have to budget in some states to cover their entire summer. Not all countries and states do this, but some do and it makes it difficult for the teachers to get by. Studies show that shorter breaks are good for the mind, and teachers especially need this because they are so overwhelmed teaching for many hours on end. A teacher's job does not end when the school bell goes off, it continues many hours after. Whether that be correcting papers, or grading assignments, their jobs are never truly over for the day. A more balanced school year allows teachers to be able to plan more efficiently as they go, and be able to plan according to =where they are at in the year, instead of trying to plan a learning course over the summer, not knowing where the students are at or where it is going in the students