Persuasive Essay Against Animal Shelter

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Every year millions of innocent pets are homeless or euthanized because of overpopulation and a lack of people willing to adopt them. Shelters are overcrowded by stray pets which causes sanitary conditions to be low. Shelters also have difficulty paying for feeding and care of all the pets they house. There are also pets that live alone on the streets and in the wild who are not adapted to fending for themselves. Many people dedicate their time to helping these unfortunate pets but they can't do it alone. Many pets around the world will continue to remain homeless and in danger unless our community will help them.

Unless people step forward and adopt shelter pets, lives that could be saved will be lost. Around 2.7 million pets are euthanized each year. Shelters often do this to animals who are not adopted or when they are ill. These animals would more than
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A direct and overall positive course of action is to adopt. By adopting a pet you are giving that animal a second chance at a happy life when they may have not ever gotten that chance again. By supporting a shelter you are providing a means of food and medical care to the pets that have yet to be saved. It's not just the animals who gain something, the owners gain a loving pet. Adopted pets are often more loyal and loving toward their owners because they understand the chance they gave them.

For families unwilling to adopt there are still ways they can help. It's likely you have seen change boxes for hospitals or other causes, including shelters. If you see one of these or get any opportunity to donate you should do so. The money can help feed, house and provide medical care for pets in need. Volunteering is also a great way to make a difference. Any organization near you would be happy to accept help in some way. One of the other things you can do is to neuter your pets to help lower the overpopulation