Persuasive Essay Against Assisted Suicide

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Sometimes in life people come to a crossroad which will define the rest of one’s life or halt it indefinitely. Most people consider this a path to success or total failure. Either way we keep moving. What of the other spectrum of this? The one which a person cannot handle the pressures of success or even more the fear of failure or failure itself? SUICIDE! For many people suicide is an open option they have in order to “escape” the pain or pressures life has engulfed them in, whether they know it or not. The sub-conscious mind is a powerful as the conscious mind and at times even more so. Our intuitive thinking develops there and the decisions are thought there before the conscious mind makes it final. We being human beings have many desires, the desire to love, the desire to hate, to feel comfort, to make uncomfortable, the …show more content…
Assisted suicide has caused many divisions in the medical field on whether assisted suicide should be legalized. In September 1996 issue of the BMA news review, the results of a survey of over 750 GPS and hospital doctors showed that 46 percent of the doctors supported a change in the law to allow them to carry out the request or a terminally ill patient for voluntary euthanasia, 44 percent were against euthanasia and supported the present law and 37 percent said they would be willing to actively help end the life of a terminally ill patient who had asked for euthanasia and so assisted suicide, if the law allowed it.” ( What we should all know is that we have a God given right to choose how we want to live our lives within the limits of the law. We choose how we want to live and where, we also choose our career paths our significant others as well as