Persuasive Essay: Getting Payed For Good Grades

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Getting Payed for Good Grades
Don’t you wish that you could get rewarded for getting good grades?(3) In schools today kids are extremely unmotivated to do their school work or to get good grades.(5) Teens don’t have money for college ,and they are burdened with unimaginable debts.(19) If kids or teens are unmotivated they are most likely to drop out and probably go on to be unemployed. Kids should be payed for good grades because they will be motivated to stay in school and get better grades, could get a college fund, and would be motivated to stay in school.
First, having gone to school for almost my whole life, I know how hard it is to stay motivated and to do all my school work.(16) Getting money for a small incentive for good grades would motivate me to do my best to get excellent grades. Because many teens are not motivated, this would just give them a reason to do better and excel.(7) To prevent 1.2 million kids dropping out of school an year, we could try giving the kids an incentive.(13) For kids that aren’t privileged this extra money could be an help to their families; it could be a staple in these families life which could make the parents get more involved.(20) Frustrated, the kids are dropping out.(11) If there is an incentive then they might try and think about dropping out.
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Getting payed for grade would help decrease debts in America and help people succeed in their future plans. Colleges will have an easier time looking for students with his program, who before would have to search for the good grades and student.(18) If I had this program I would try my best to get good grades to get payed. Colleges and bosses, all over America, will be pleased to see the change.(6) Hope, a chance, and a worth- all of these are what students will get out of this