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Imagine, You slowly droop into math class, you feel sleep deprived,too tired to be there, to tired to listen there, too tired to look there and way too tired to work there. you melt into your seat and then, you yawn, eyelids drop, shut together, all done, checked out and hit the hay. You get your name called, you wake up and then you feel as if, the whole world stops. Detention time for you, You ask the teacher why, she says, “because you fell asleep in class!” Wait! Why didn’t you get any sleep last night? You had to much homework! All schools should discontinue homework because, it might takes away from family time, it could decrease sleep and it might not improve your knowledge as much as you think it does.

First and foremost, homework should be discontinued in all schools is because, it may take away from family time. For most, it’s true. Homework has gotten so harsh that it has made it’s way into our personal time with of course, our families. In the New York Times article, “Homework’s Emotional Tull on Students and Families” it states that, “Almost half of the youth population gets 5% family time and that other percentage is used on school based things, like homework.”. This makes some question how the kids feel. Shouldn’t the kids have a say on homework, they are the ones in the
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All of these facts aren’t completely true, but if homework gets harder, then it could turn into a student's reality. These facts are kinda depressing, our world could turn into a homework nightmare if we don’t stop homework. We all want to be a healthy environment. Last time the environment checked, he didn’t see homework ruling, as a healthy environment. It’s possible that none of this would happen if we took a stand and realized how much of a burden homework has become. We came to school to learn, laugh and love, we didn’t come to school to have homework become our new family