Persuasive Essay On Advertising

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Facebook ads

Who doesn’t love Facebook? Well a lot of people don’t but I do. I spent far too much time on Facebook, however do know that you can create ads on Facebook? And these are the sort of ads that often pop up on the right there, asking you to click something or join something, to buy something eventually, or even just to like a page. The great thing about Facebook ads is that they’re really cheap, very very cheap, particularly if you know what you’re doing and you mess around a little bit. I was just that this is one of your best strategies for starting to sell your products. You could either set up a page and get people to like the page and put loads of adverts on that page for your eBook, or you can have a direct link to your eBook website. So let’s have a quick run through how to create a Facebook ad.
So you go
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If you’re not on Twitter, that you have to go on there as quick as possible. The decision to make: do you use your own personal account the one I have here, or do you set up as specific one for your eBook? If your eBook is in a very niche market, it may be worth you setting one up for specific keywords. Like for example in keeping with the ultramarathon topic, you can have something like the ultramarathon guy, etc., and obviously you want your website in there and set up in very ultramarathon ways, color and design, and you want to get right into the Twitter community of ultramarathon.
Now ways of finding who to follow, for example views, and the great thing here, you type in a keyword like ultramarathon and you can save you want more than 5000 followers, and results will come up, you’ll know that this guy or girl is very popular, and you can also say that you want someone who is following very few people. So you’ve got this guy here, one of stars in the ultramarathon world, and he just follow 75 people and yet he’s followed by almost 60,000. So you know that this guy is a key