Persuasive Essay On Andrew Jackson

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I do not want to reiterate the same points that have already been stated by both the articles and my fellow classmates, such as his involvement in the Trail of Tears, but I will talk about the bigger picture and how these other points apply to it. One argument against Jackson that was not mentioned often was his duel against Charles Dickinson, where the latter died from a gunshot because he made comments about Jackson’s wife. Beforehand, people did not participate in duels with the intent to actually kill each other. They simply fought because standing up against a gunman and getting shot at would earn them honor. However, in Jackson’s duel, he was intentionally trying to kill Dickinson, and unfortunately, he had succeeded. If you combine …show more content…
America’s history wasn’t always pleasant, but we should acknowledge those dark times and ensure that everyone remembers them. Otherwise, the infamous parts of history might repeat themselves in the future. By keeping Jackson’s face on the bill, the general public will have a greater chance of knowing who he is, what he did, and how it affected this country. In other words, it could be America’s way of saying “We know that Jackson negatively affected our country in the past, but we’re not afraid to admit it, and we are going to move on from it.” It doesn’t have to be a sign of respect or admiration; there can be an educational purpose behind it. If we removed his face from the bill, then the people who learn about him would mainly consist of historians and history students. If we only highlighted the great moments of American history to the general public, it would essentially be a subtle way of denying the terrible moments. I don’t think Andrew Jackson should stay on the $20 bill, but I do believe that he should be on any other dollar bill. He could be on the $1,000 bill (if those exist), or he could be on the back of the $20 bill while Harriet Tubman is on the front. As long as his existence and impact on history is acknowledged without having to respect him, then I am alright