Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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Human rights are the most prevalent goal that virtually every human being wants to experience. But what about animal rights? Don’t they also get to receive the same amount of rights as us humans? However, many people are debating on whether or not animals deserve or don’t deserve moral treatment. Animals deserve to feel safe and shouldn’t have to suffer in any pain. Animal rights has been an unease controversy for many years. In recent articles, is said to be that millions of animals are dying due to medical researchers’ testing on them. The testing needs to stop because it’s on the animals are affecting their health, and also its ability to function well enough when returned back to their environment. Animals are very vulnerable, defenseless …show more content…
Even though we use animals as our resources, we need to make regulations so that animals can die a fast and painless death. To better our nation, we must fight against the heartless people and speak up for these creatures who lack a voice. Therefore, there are two different ways to be cruel to an animal. The first one is called passive cruelty, this may seem less harsh, but that is not the case. This stigma leads to suffering and brutally pained, resulting to death. Due to the neglecting of owners, animals personalities begin to change over time, they start to develop a problem in trusting people and the failure to get medical care. On the other hand, active cruelty is probable the most disturbing of them all. The animals are bring purposely abused and harmed by, all because people just want to feel more powerful/gain control. How can a person perform such a violent act on an innocent creature? This is why we need to educate others on how to properly take care of an animal. For example, volunteering, at pet stores, animal hospitals or even shelters can give that person a reality check that this issue won’t go away, unless we take action right