Persuasive Essay On Antibiotic Research Topics

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In this case for antibiotic research we are given a rather bleak future to where we need to focus on the betterment and improvement of our world antibiotics program. We are faced with a rather as described “bleak” future to where death tolls and illness rises progressively do to the antimicrobial drug resistance, which has risen a hundred percent over the course of fifteen years. Now we are faced with antibiotic resistance intensifying within the course of thirty five years. With this resitistace we will see a rise of infections a well overall intensifying this difficult issue. The cost associated with antimicrobial resistance will result in over three hundred million premature deaths and up to one hundred trillion lost within the global economy if this issue is not tackled. …show more content…
If a corporation released a new cardiovascular drug it could mean tens of billions of dollars a year, but if instead it was a new innovation for a antibiotic it would be rather saved for the sickest and would not sell nearly as much. Thus the corporations choose to pursue profitable drugs rather than the less profitable antibiotic research. With most corporations choosing this alternative we begin to have a lack of antibiotic research and thus has resulted in the issue we face today. Their are some options one of them results in alliance. If pharmaceutical leaders would gather together and form an alliance of sorts, they could combine there funds, research, and effort into a solution to this crisis thus saving time and money for this crisis. Opportunities in unity like this could drastically shift the tide and provide better incentives for the future of