Persuasive Essay On Cats And Brainwash People

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Why cats were breed to brainwash you and how to avoid that.

Starting from day 1 and I mean like baby fresh out of mama, humans enter social communities. In these social communities, humans readily exercise socialization. From day 1 babies begin their process of assimilation into their communities through their interactions with their parents, friends, teachers, and government. Tbh that basically means everything we’ve ever known and have been taught is brainwashing. Truth commercials or like commercials in general are devices brainwashing experts use to brainwash people. Truth is smoking is definitely up to the whim of the individual but when Truth pulls the “Be the first generation to end smoking” bullshit guilt trip, they’re just worming
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Apparently in 2013, pets outnumbered children four to one in the United States. I know this must come as shocking. I myself was shocked to learn of their incognito ascent. So why does Truth a company that claims to have the best interest of the human population at heart advocate for the protection of this feline offensive? Well I’ll answer this rhetorical question. Cats have brainwashed Truth! Thereby, cats have been brainwashing us! I must also add that this process has been occurring since the dawn of humanity. According to like History, cats were domesticated because they kept vermin populations both inside the home and in the fields. I mean technically it was better than the occasional attacks by non-domesticated felines like saber tooth tigers. However, you got to admit that saber tooths are the realest cause they’re honest about their aggressions. Cats are just sneaky little bitches that snuck into our elite world with promises of slightly less verminy homes and fields. Let’s see past their attempts to usurp the human race and light up that cigar.

But personally I’d stick to blunts. Plus cats love getting