Persuasive Essay On Charter Schools

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Charter schools work with a smaller group of students and adjust their schedule at convenience to meet the educational goals in contrast to public schools that follow calendars and schedules assigned by the district.
Regarding the legislative objective of teacher’s participation or influence in these schools, it is shown that their influence is more profound in charter schools rather than regular schools. Charter school teachers have total control over classroom rules, discipline, educational curriculum, and way of teaching while utilizing different educational approaches. In like manner, Charter school principals have more control over the school administration and operational departments because they have less intervention from the state
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When the demand for charter schools is higher than the number of seats available the school holds a lottery to decide which student will be attending, putting parents in an uncomfortable situation to explain their children they will not be attending to the school of their choice. This problem is not finding in public schools where all children are always accepted.
Personal attention: the clear intention of the charter school is to provide more attention to students, this will be accomplished by the creation of small study groups and extra classroom hours if they need it. In contrast, public schools are working with a large group of students each classroom, making difficult to provide personal attention to each student. Additionally, it is important to mention that charter schools are preferred over the public schools because they have autonomy over the government, independence to implement their own way of teaching, academic calendars, and discipline rules. Moreover, charter schools have been forcing to keep a higher level of accountability or academic standard in order to achieve the terms stipulated on the charter and renew it for another period of time, mostly five