Persuasive Essay On Community Service

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Beneficiaries called to ask me if I wanted to perform community service at a cathedral in Dallas, TX. I agreed because I like to volunteer in any event when it is needed. This event was called “Feed the Hunger,” which I signed up for and looked forward to because of my desire to lend a hand and assist the needy and unfortunate. At first, I thought this event was just one of those other community service opportunities that I am usually called to facilitate and volunteer my time. However, in the end, this occasion was a life-changing experience.
It was a warm summer morning. Hundreds of homeless men and women had lined up at the cathedral for food. These people looked very weak and feeble because of their lack of necessary essentials in life such as food, shelter, and basic clothing. This was the first time I saw the homeless from a different perspective because I was about to actually feed and support them. From their eyes, they looked like they were in a state of despair and sadness.
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“We won’t predetermine one. This is a test of my skills in psychology. I must interpret which of your signals is the real one, or make a signal myself that I think you will know is right.” The others came back. George dealt 4 cards to each person and then dealt out 10 more on the table. “Alright, let’s begin,” he said. I picked up 7 and dropped a 5. The others dropped cards and picked some up too. We said that we were ready for the next deal. George dealt 10 more cards. The other volunteer picked up two 6’s and then started whistling. I looked at George, and he shook his head. He thought this signal was a fake. The rest of us picked up more cards, and then George dealt again. The other person picked up a 9 and thumped the table. George ignored her. Then she dropped two 9’s on the table and picked up two 3’s and proceeded to tilt her head to the left. “Catch” said George. We won the round, and to this day I still wonder how he