Persuasive Essay On Compulsory Voting

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Compulsory voting We can’t argue our voices aren’t being heard when we pass opportunities to demonstrate it, though there are many reasons compulsory voting is a controversial topic, it is very necessary eligible voters take the opportunity and vote. Often many Americans that don’t vote, experience anger when a president they didn’t want was elected, but in reality the only person they should be mad at is themselves for not taking the time to vote. When we look at statistics in the following on qualified voters we will focus on age, wealth, and race and see how it plays a role in the voting system. The older you get the most likely you are to vote, it can possibly be because you start realizing how important the democratic or republican
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Could this possibly be because one of the two parties benefits their situations or businesses they run, yes is the answer. We often say “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer’, this year we seen President Trump with many republican votes, because his plans are to benefit only the rich. Many people with not many riches are regularly not receiving or have received the proper amount of knowledge on politics and even see the benefit or outcome. America wouldn’t be the country we are today without race in the middle. More than 80 million white Americans voted while less than 20 million Black, Hispanic, and Asians voted. Our history of pushing down minorities plays a role in this of course but we will take off our race glasses and look at the bigger picture, people of color do not vote as much due to lack of knowledge and income. There is many other reasons people of color aren't eligible to vote, from square one. Overall compulsory voting should become a rule and we should stick to it so it benefits everyone equally and doesn’t push down anyone. America is the land of the free but how are people supposed to feel free if their race stops them from getting a fair income or proper education which therefore leads to unfair voting. Their is constant loops in our laws and such that shouldn’t be