Persuasive Essay On Concealed Weapons

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It’s not just police and military that go through extensive training. There are classes to the public use who have been authorized to carry a concealed weapon. They are the first lines of defense to the public. If there is an active shooter, the concealed weapon holder may be able to protect the innocence. It has to be justifiable and they need to remember they are not officers of the law. Officers are trained to shoot at center mass. The main body of an individual. Often you hear people say that officers should shoot at the legs, but a moving person, can be hard to shoot. Shooting at the legs can lead to missed shots than can potentially strike a bystander. Shooting at the center mass has a lesser of a chance of the bullet going through the body and striking someone. Police officers also use hallow-point round. On impact, the open up. Ball-point ammo can go through multiple surfaces. In the military, and per the Geneva Conventions, ball-point must be used. Only those who fly on the aircraft can use deadly force with hallow-point due to the fact that hollow-point will less likely puncture holes in the aircraft.
During 2002, a total of 26,556 citizen complaints about police use of force were received by large law enforcement agencies. The only solutions for police departments to make is to go through training on a regular basis to prevent the use of deadly force. However,
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Most in their lifetime will never use it, and certainly don’t want to. There have been recent situations where it has caused national attention and police departments are going through extensive training to deter it. Officers start their training in the police academy, and their training never stops. Even officers who have been on the force for 30 years still receive training. Officers are not using deadly force because of media backlash, which is putting their lives in danger, as well as the