Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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In this modern technology, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other sites has become a necessity across the world because people nowadays more prefer to communicate and socialize among themselves through it compared to face-to-face. This all-one-click technology should provide some benefits for all users but due to misuse by some irresponsible users, this technology has become a risk for everyone. Due to this advanced and borderless technology, cyberbullying has become a viral activity for the users of social media for harassment and intimidation. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2014), cyberbullying is the need of electronic devices to torment an individual, typically by distributing mails of an aggressive or blackmailing nature. Meanwhile, according to Belsey (2005), …show more content…
Developing a habitual use of bullying tactics can lead to negatively affecting a countless number of people as well as corruption in the workplace. ” Meanwhile, Wilde (n.d) states that cyberbullying is a merely psychological, and the set of strategies used in social networking has developed over time consist of these techniques such as delivering animosity email messages, making web sites meant to embarrass a target and take embarrassing pictures using the smartphone and upload it to the internet. Therefore, there are several solutions to overcome this cyberbullying crime among the internet user. Cyberbullying can be solved with school’s involvement by establishing programs and rules to stop cyberbullying that can develop strong policies against cyberbullying, with parent’s role to help children deal with cyberbullying, by reporting cyberbullying to law enforcement and give evidence to police for further punishment to cyberbullies and by advising internet user not to publish personal information over the