Persuasive Essay On Designer Babies

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In the early 21st century, designer babies became a popular demand by the public eye. People around the world have the ability to pick their unborn child’s genes. The desire to do this started out as a plan to help cure disease and hereditary disease. Now parents have the power to design how their child will look in the future, how they interact with others, and their athletic ability. This may not be a big problem among some, but the power people have to choose how their child looks are indescribable.
Designer Babies are a controversial issue with people all around the world. People are among the topic if one should be able to design a child’s genetic coding. Altering the baby’s genes concerns many because the child has not given their consent to what his or her parents may want for them (Begley). Depending on what the
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Their main concern is should we invest in this? They do not see the other side of it.” This quote emphasizes the idea of how people will continue to abuse the power that is given. Future outlooks could become negative on human lives due to the fact of the world controversial issues, the pros and the cons of designing a child. Parents may soon walk into a clinic and select their child’s gender, hair, and eye color. There is much controversy about designer babies, but it is supported by the reproductive medical community and public eye. There are many pros and cons of designer babies. People will mainly support the parents who are choosing to take away hereditary diseases, but the parents who are physically trying to design their baby are unlikely to be supported by the public. People will soon take over the power and the negative impacts like designing physical and mental characteristics. Designer babies is a controversial issue among the public and we will soon figure out if this is a negative or positive aspect