Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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In recent years we have seen more and more cases of accidents, injuries and even deaths caused at the hands of drivers who were texting and driving. For years we have heard and seen commercials advising us not to drink and drive. With so much influence swaying us away from drinking and driving we have all become aware of the dangers this brings. Those same billboards and commercials are now helping us remember that texting and driving is not safe either. We are now learning that texting and driving is not that much different from drinking and driving. Being behind the wheel is a privilege and holds a great responsibility of not only ones own life but also the life of others on the road. It is important for all drivers regardless of age to understand their responsibilities when behind the wheel, now that we know both drinking or texting while driving are known to equally cause confusion, car accidents and in some cases even death.
Studies have shown and proven that our brains are only capable of focusing on one matter at a time, yet we are very capable of doing more than one
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In both situations the reaction time is challenged, the vision is impaired and, concentration is swayed of the road. Reckless driving causes drivers to speed, not use turning signals when needed, and swerve in and out of others lines. It only takes one second with your eyes off the road, and there could be an accident. When drivers take their eyes off the road the reaction time is automatically affected causing accidents between drivers. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers however is no longer at the top of the list. With more people going tech savvy texting has become part of our day to day lifestyle. The amount of people who are now on the road texting and driving has increased; leaving us with drivers who are distracted and