Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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In Netherlands euthanasia is very common, euthanasia can help reduce the burden on the patient’s family. It is certain that no pain death is the better relief to the incurred people, just like a woman has the cancer, the death is a happy release for her, the no pain death is the best end to her. To a germinal ill man suffers every and night, day by day, year by year, or like some plant patients, life cannot take of themselves, then the end of their lives is also a relief to their families. It can help him get out of the deep dark cave. For many poor families, the cost of a terminally ill patient will be hard to bear, and euthanasia will help them get rid of them. The term Euthanasia can help a patient with advanced cancer or a serious condition to get a mental or physical complete elimination, take appropriate means to end their lives when the patient is unable to withstand mental or physical stress. Therefore, it is crucial to know the reasons …show more content…
And people want the euthanasia use on the child’s who are gravely ill or suffer from significant birth defects. Euthanasia is a painless death, however, euthanasia is a dangerous, when we want to use the euthanasia to the patient, we must obtain their consent or entrust, this is respect for the patient and responsible for them. The Patients must be at the end of the illness and mentally sound, they must have the ability to manage their own drugs, and must have at least two different doctors to approve it. Ian, L and Richard, P. (2015). Although it is still not legal in most countries, but it cannot be cured to give the patient to death in critical condition and power and freedom from cruel torture practices, more and more take a sympathetic attitude, think this is consistent with the humanitarian