Persuasive Essay On Football-America's Greatest Sport

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Football--America’s Greatest Sport Football is a tradition that carries from state to state, like Wisconsin’s Jump Around or NFL on Thanksgiving Day. Every choice a person makes comes with consequences, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make that choice. Children have very free-spirited characters; they will do almost anything that makes them happy. Along with allowing a kid to participate in a sport they love, sports come with great benefits. “This year, 3 million kids from the ages of 6 to 14 are playing organized youth tackle football, according to USA Football” (Time). Allowing kids to join a football team comes with its risks, however it comes with benefits, such as: teaching life skills, promotes psychological and social health, and allows …show more content…
However, being that this sport is vigorous, kids are taught a series of different life skills. Discipline, defensive abilities, self control, and many more life skills are taught to children who are on a football team. Discipline is a major skill that is taught on the field. Most players have to get up every morning to workout or practice, then have to follow everything the coach says for at least an hour and a half. For every argument or direction left unfollowed there was a punishment. Aside from discipline, many other skills such as time management, teamwork, reliability, sportsmanship, responsibility, perseverance, and confidence. The value of learning these skills are that they go further than just on the field. With learning all these attributes on the field, comes better all-around behavior at home and in school. Football teaches life skills such as motivation, dedication, and discipline. These three things are great character builders, and will take young athletes far both on and off the football field. “Playing high school sports also increases their odds by 41 percent for graduating college compared to non-athletes” (Global