Persuasive Essay On Freshmen In High School

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Freshmen for the past couple of years have been having a hard time getting used to the whole high school situation so this year I, a sophomore in high school made a list being that I already survive Freshmen year. So this year’s Freshmen have a list so amazing it will not only improve your year as a Freshmen but knock you ID’s right off your neck and you may want to go get it because our ID crazy Vice-Principal will yell at you for not having it on. So follow my list to the dot and you will become a successful student in high school if you do your work, do what the teacher says, and keep your grades up. Firstly, you need to do your work. If you don’t turn in your work on time, you get 50% off the grade of that paper. As …show more content…
When a teacher says you need to do something, you do that something. If the teacher tells you to do notes you stop what you are doing and you take those notes so that one you have notes to study later on and two the teacher won’t have to yell at you and waste class time spent on yelling at you and not note taking. A friend of mine, let's call him Bob. So Bob is talking in Mr.Wolfe’s class and so Mr.Wolfe was getting annoyed and yelled at him to be quite. Time passes and Bob starts talking again, now Mr.Wolfe is getting angry because Bob just keep talking and Mr.Wolfe just gave in detention for insubordination. So now Bob can’t go to homecoming because Bob has detention. Last of all, just keep your grades up. With the new grading system it’s a lot harder to pass a class now. But as long as you study and keep your grades up it will be a piece of cake to pass that class. If you keep your grades up you GBA will go up and your GBA and SAT scores are what colleges look at. Your GBA will be a nice high number if it's high enough you could get in Purdue or even Notre Dame. And if you get into Notre Dame your parents will be super duper proud of you because Notre Dame is a pretty good