Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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Christina Hernandez
Essay No. 2 Gays should have the right to marry and have children with whomever they choose and raise their children however they want. Being gay is not a choice. Some people are simply born with a natural attraction to the same sex. This attraction to the same sex is just as natural to them as an attraction to the opposite sex is for straight couples. There is no reason to penalize gays for doing what comes to them naturally, being attracted to the same sex. Gays should be entitled to live a life free from oppression and discrimination. Merriam Webster defines being gay as being a homosexual and being sexually attracted to the same sex. Many people, especially religious people, believe that being gay is wrong. They believe that gay people should not have the right to marry. Marriage as it is described in this essay is the state of being united with a person of the same or opposite sex in a consensual or contractual relationship recognized by law. The people that feel that gays should not have the legal right to marry feel that being gay is a sin against God and therefore should not be allowed. A response to this would be that being gay is not a choice. It is natural human sexuality for some people to be gay just as it is a part of natural human sexuality for a person to be straight. The expression of being gay is just as natural as breathing air and eating. It would be unthinkable to restrict someone from breathing air or eating. In fact, it is a crime to restrict someone from breathing or eating. Society imposes punishment under the law to those who attempt to restrict another from breathing or eating. There are protections under the law which safeguards the rest of society from being starved or suffocated. There should also be the same protections under the law for people who