Persuasive Essay On Gay Rights

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Imagine preparing for your wedding and being told that you cannot be wed with your boyfriend or girlfriend because your religion will not allow it. The tables are turned for once and you cannot marry someone of the opposite gender because it is a religious belief to marry someone of the same gender. This isn’t the case now and it will never be the case, but same sex couples deal with it on a daily basis. Same-sex marriage has been a debate in the nations for a while now and it was recently passed as a civil right. However, there is still conflict with churches or religious places that are against same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage should not be denied do to religious belief because it is a civil right, we all have equal rights in this nation, and what ever happened to god loves everyone. …show more content…
Adam Liptak, author of “Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide,” says that the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a constitutional right when they voted on it and the results were 5-to-4. This meaning that the Supreme Court made it a civil right for every same-sex couple out there. It also that they can get married and they should not be denied their right not even by the church do to its beliefs. Another claim, by David Lampo, author of “Why Gay Rights Are Civil Rights-And Simply Right,” says that same-sex couples have certain rights that are limited and that republicans show support by voting for their rights. People vote for everyone to have a chance in this nation, religion denying that right is wrong and unfair to same-sex couples. As a nation we all vote to give everyone equal