Persuasive Essay On Guns Are Bad

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One afternoon, honors student Blair Holt was leaving school. Blair grew up on the south side of Chicago; walking past a street fight was just a normal thing for him. Although he grew up in world of violence, he had bigger plans. He was working endless hours to save money to attend his dream school. All his hard work ended with a bullet. Gun violence is happening all over America and new stories of devastated families are made each day. When the use of guns causes so much pain and death, why do they seem to be everywhere? When does it end? Gun regulations will be the backbone to change this ongoing epidemic. The United States should implement more thorough, stricter rules and regulations for purchasing and obtaining a concealed weapon. Requiring …show more content…
According to the 2014 Gallup poll, 47% of American adults keep at least one gun at home or on their property. Although, anti-gun control activists justify that it is used for safety, the majority of gun holders have never shot or used their gun in an emergency type situation. Guns require sufficient amount of training to use them properly in an emergency situation. CNN conducted a study of 160 active shooting incidents between 2000-2013 on how the shootings ended. 44% of the time, the shooter killed himself, 38% law enforcement officers retained the shooter, 14% of unarmed citizens retained the shooter, and 4% of armed citizens exchanged gunfire. If an average armed citizen exchanges fire without proper training puts themselves and all the other people around in more danger. A study in the Journal of Trauma found that every time a gun in a home was used for self-defense, there were 4 four accidental shootings, homicides and suicides. The question arises, “are guns more dangerous than useful’? Gun control activist, Tom Mauser expresses “If strict gun control was the norm, the federal government could have a much easier time curtailing the average citizens access to weapons, and people would finally understand that having guns around them ultimately puts them in more