Persuasive Essay On Guns In America

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Guns in the United States should have a limited use because of the death rates from them. More deaths has happened by an unlicensed user and has no explanation why or how it was used. They are being placed in the wrong hands, even the the people of the law are taking advantage of their privilege with guns. Guns should be limited here and should have a age limit to who can carry one or buy one. Since 2014, over 100 people were killed in a mass shooting including children. Mass shooting in America has too stop, because innocent lives are being taking away with no explanation for it.

Since 2012 teenage shooting has been more common than ever before. Even police officers are killing teenagers for no reason. Our generation is decreasing every day by thoughtless actions from the police or some random person with a gun.”: The article reports on the number of teenagers that have been fatally shot by police officers in the U.S. in the year following the August 2014 fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and discusses the range of circumstances in the
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There’s too much access here in America for guns. Children are even playing with their parents guns. Guns should be limited in every state depending on its crime rate. It’s very unsafe knowing that someone in your school or neighborhood has access to a illegal purchased gun. Even the people with licenses for their guns knows to keep it out of reach for anyone else to have it. Gun shows plays a big part in a illegal purchase without having to check their backgrounds. “The article shows an argument over gun access in the U.S. Colin Goddard of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said that any person can gain easy access to firearms by attending gun shows or online to purchase guns without background checks, suggesting the need for the U.S. of House of Represenatives to impose a law obliging those