Persuasive Essay On Guns On Campus

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The Safety on College Campuses
Guns should not be allowed on college campuses in the United States because they are very dangerous for staffs, professors, and students. First of all, the campus is an important place for everybody because they can make more activities in over there. However, if students and teachers have some problems each other, they can use the gun on campus shooting. Besides that, guns could kill innocent people for no reason because guns were controlling by people. Furthermore, students who use guns on campus could be showing them off to their friends, and they could cause an accident or even killing someone because they were goofing off with the gun in their hand. According to Javier Auyero, author of Guns on Campus Make
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In fact that, teachers and students who have a mental health issue are not controlling their brain when they feel bad, or happy. They can use the short temper that makes them release their feeling. That is more dangerous than using alcohol, drugs, and smoking because it affects everybody live. As a result, people who have mental problem may become perpetrators because they would not perceive their own actions. More people who are witness become victims of shootings. To illustrate, my cousin was studying in UC Los Angeles. She told me about shooting which she had seen a few years ago. She had been in class, and she heard more people were screaming near her class. After few minutes, they got the information from police department that someone has a mental problem. He carried a gun to school and wanted to kill his professor because he failed from his professor’s class. Luckily, his professor was not there in that day because he was busy, and he was not in his office. He was angry when he could not find his teacher, so he shot someone that made him feel comfortable. She was really scared, and she thought she would not survive in there. In conclusion, people who have mental health problem influence by more people because they cannot know what they are doing, so guns should not be allowed on college campuses in the