Persuasive Essay On Hawaii Vacation

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Thinking about going on Vacation? Imagine soft white sand sit between your toes, with the hot sun beating on your face, a light breeze in the 85 degree weather. This beautiful weather is in Hawaii. While back in Minnesota it's negative 7 degrees. Cold and stiff. Uncomfortable and yet, everyone has to get out of their warm bed to get to a terrible place, called school. Here are some of the many reasons why one should take their vacation to Hawaii. First it is a relaxing break from reality. Next, the education and culture is very different and interesting. Lastly its vacation, it's a fun location and different from this bone breaking cold weather. First reason to go to Hawaii is this location. It is a relaxing break from our everyday lives. Most people have jobs and/or school, which you would have a break from. All the anxiety and stress would be gone for those few days of vacation. The ocean waves making a peaceful noise in the background. Not only would one get a break from everyday lives, one would get a break from this terrible weather. Shelia Beal, an author who wrote an article about the best times to go to Hawaii which was updated the 31 Dec. 2015, stating that Hawaii's weather all year rounds …show more content…
Learning was not the first thing to come to mind when one is on vacation. Yet, through experience, learning about Hawaii's culture and ways of living came very easy. You didn't even feel like you were learning. The facts were interesting and the stories sucked you in. An example includes the Hawaiian fire and volcano goddess, who is Pele. She is the most truly Hawaiian of deities. Pele is very protective of her land, therefore from tourist taking her land (lava rock), she will curse anyone who tried. This includes shells, rocks, and sand. All this was found on Pele, Goddess of Fire, published in 2012 by Lady Gryphons, with help from the Hawaii Volcanoes National