Persuasive Essay On Healthy Food

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George was 45 when he had a heart attack. Married with three wonderful kids, participating in the triathlons, being in the prime of his life, he was at his fittest, or so he thought. Although he had an exercise regimen fit for an athlete, his diet consisted mostly of burgers and steaks and food he enjoyed eating because he claimed he was going to burn them anyway. Sadly, people today give very little credit to the food that they eat and never realize that their diet can have a tremendous effect on different organs of their body, especially the heart. In fact, the US FDA states that making healthy food choices is one important thing that you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease – which is currently, the leading cause of death in both men and women all over the world.
According to nutrition expert Barbara Schneeman of the US Food and Drug Administration, the following tips on preparing meals can jumpstart a healthy diet and can lead to a healthy heart:
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How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Although some people find it funny, using a smaller plate or bowl can actually help you control your servings. Eating bigger portions of fruits and vegetables and lesser calorie or sodium rich food will not only benefit your heart but your weight as well. At first, measuring the food you eat may seem daunting but once you see how big or how small a serving of a certain type of food you need to consume, it actually turns into a learned skill. Sooner or later, you will merely eyeball the food you are about to eat and immediately know its caloric equivalence. If you aren’t such an expert when it comes to this, the latest technology allows you to download and use different fitness applications and calorie counters that can help monitor the food you eat. Once downloaded on your phone, it comes very handy whenever you are in the comfort of your own home or in your favorite fine-dining