Persuasive Essay On Helping People

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There are people gifted by nature or God, who can heal others in a way that a modern science still can’t explain. Some of these people are aware of this, and use it as a gift to help others.
But, this gift should be given with no pay. You should not abuse other person’s pain and misery to make money out of it. If a person wants to show the gratitude, accept it if you want, but never sell something you received to be a good of many.

I am not kind of a person who will believe in imaginary things, but I am not completely biased to not take in consideration the whole picture of the spirituality.

I met this middle aged woman who was of the great help to others, and she had this gift to stop the pain. And she never charged it no matter what. She believed she is going to be punished if she abuses it.
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He used to know my father and when I found out in what business he was I warned my father that a man is not a good one – in my archaic way of expression – I said to my father that man is a Fallen one.

My father was extremely offended that I think of his friend to be doomed. But, the next time his friend came for a house visit my father asked him about the influence of his gift to the health.

A man admitted that after an every session he has a feeling his body is going to burn. In the midst of a winter he was forced to jump in an ice cold sea to cool out.

I did not make this up, other people claimed to see him swimming as well.

My father was shocked. When a man left he called me to talk and asked what that man is doing and why is this happening to him . I told him that a man goes to the various hospitals in town, finding desperate people and charging them for his services. And that’s just