Persuasive Essay On Homeland Security

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Imagine waking up in the safety of your home, taking a shower, eating a healthy breakfast and making your way to work as you do everyday. You proceed to your office where you are persummingly safe. You hear planes flying above but you’re accustomed to the normal hustle and bustle of the city, so you’re prepared to work through the noise. However, what you are not prepared for are the sirens and fire alarms that quickly sound off, the sounds of your screaming co-workers who are shocked and confused as they try to make it to safety after hearing that the Twin Towers are under attack. September 11th 2001 was a tragic day where many lives were lost to a senseless and unpredictable act of terrorism. On this day, all of america felt the loss and …show more content…
government taking charge and going the extra mile, creating new programs, practices and protocols to ensure the future safety of their citizens. However, now that it has begun the development must never stop because new forms of technology are being created and terrorists are finding loopholes and gaining access to important information through inside sources. Homeland security must ensure they are always one-step ahead to prevent one less terrorist attack and protect the safety of our home land.
It is not rare for someone to hear the concept and homeland security and immediately think of a raging war where guns are drawn and enemy aircrafts are being shot down before they reach the border. However, what happens when the threat is not on the outside? To elaborate, what would happen if there was a sudden outbreak of a certain dangerous toxin, or in the worst case scenario a zombie apocalypse? A common misconception involving homeland security is that the concept is set in place strictly to thwart enemy attacks from the outside. Although homeland security plays a significant role in border-control, the concept also introduces protocols necessary to handle other dangerous situations. Chapter 2 of Gus Martin’s educational text Understanding Homeland Security discusses what is known as the All-Hazard Umbrella and the purpose it serves in ensuring the safety of American