Persuasive Essay On Horse Slaughter

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The Terrifying End to a Long Journey Many people say horses are slaughtered to keep the population of unwanted horses down, but this is not true; horses are slaughtered to provide to horse meat consumers. Just last year, in 2016, over 130,000 horses were slaughtered in Mexico and Canada, while over half of these horses came from the United States (“The Humane Society of the United States”). Famous race horses, companion horses, and even young children’s show horses usually end up having the same end to their career: slaughter. Horses should not be used as food, they should be used to make children, teens, and even adults happy. The sale of horses being used for meat should be banned in the United States because they are killed inhumanely, …show more content…
Some may argue that horses really do need to be used for meat, like in Europe and Asia, because they do not have other sources of meat to eat. According to Reference, Europeans have many other main sources of meat that are not horses. These include fish, chicken, and various red meats, such as beef and pork. If horse meat was taken out of the meats eaten in Europe, it would not restrict the country from eating meat because of all of those other options (“What Do Europeans Eat?”). Other than being used for meat horses have other sole purposes like being used for showing, children’s pets, and companions for other animals, but if they are being killed off one by one from the “need” for their meat they can not be used for those other purposes. Studies done by The Humane Society of the United States, show that approximately ninety-two point three percent of horses that are sold for their meat are in good shape and could be used for show horses, companion horses, trail horses, etc. (“The Facts about Horse Slaughter”). The sale of horses for their meat is unnecessary and should not be