Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

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Imagine the world where everyone looked identical and genetic diversity is rare? The rise in human cloning alludes to the world where scientists can create genetic copies of human beings. However, human cloning provokes many problems in science in technology. With the ethical problems, safety issues, and money; human cloning provides numerous ethical problems in today's society; therefore, should be banned.

Human cloning is the creation of genetically identical copies of pre-existing or existing human beings. Cloning involves the process of nuclear transplantation. During this process, the nucleus of a fertilized organism's egg is replaced by a nucleus of an organism's cell. If the procedure is successful, the fertilized egg will grow into an identical copy of that organism. In human cloning, the process is very complex due to the nature of human DNA. The risks of human cloning will be
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Pana Zavos, a reproductive specialist from Cyprus, declares that "human cloning undermines the uniqueness and individuality of humans." By mechanically giving away the DNA to someone else, the scientist takes away the originality and creates confusion. Since clones and the original donor will share the same DNA, it would be difficult to differentiate between the two individuals. Human cloning gives people the authority to create superior children. If people are given the option to create a child, the DNA will be used to create intelligent, athletic, and attractive people. In short, human cloning is ultimately detrimental to the human gene pool and genetic diversity

To conclude, the evidence demonstrates that the consequences of human cloning are very detrimental to society. By looking at the unnatural, ethical problems, and risks; there are numerous risks associated with human cloning. Due to these adverse risks, this procedure should be banned throughout the