Persuasive Essay On Japanese Internment Camps

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On February 19, 1942, 2 months after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt authorized the “Executive Order 9066.” This document called for Japanese-Americans from all over the country to be relocated from their homes, towns, and schools to Internment Camps. Only allowed 1 bag of luggage, approximately 120,000 people were moved to one of the ten camps located in the U.S..

People of Japanese descent were discriminated, racially profiled, humiliated, and had their personal liberties and freedoms as American citizens stripped away from them. This is all because they have Japanese ancestry. The people of the United States were rattled by the attack on Pearl Harbor that we accused our own people of basically treason simply based on their ethnicity. It is completely sickening. If you are doubting your own people in your own country, you haven’t built the country well enough.

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This liberty and right is one of the most important cornerstones of our government. Even under pressure, and even when we are scared, we need to remember that we are Americans and we are free and just and the most powerful nation. We need to trust in ourselves and in our people. Instead of throwing people in cells and in camps at the faint scent of danger caused by paranoia based on the color of someone’s skin or the descent of which a person comes from, we should stick together as a nation and trust that we are all created equal just as the Declaration of Independence says.

So in conclusion, the Japanese Relocation/Internment Camps was one of the most ridiculous and careless mistakes of the U.S. It is simply disgusting that we assumed we needed to make our people suffer for their ancestors’ country’s mistakes. We assumed that our people were guilty of treason without proper or just trial. I hope we learned from this mistake and NEVER make it